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About Operational Programme Environment

A Guide to Grants under the Operational Programme Environment


Based on the amount of financial resources, the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) is the second largest Czech operational programme. Between 2007 and 2013, this programme will offer almost EUR 5 billion from the Cohesion Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, and an additional EUR 300 million from the National Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic and the state budget. The Operational Programme's main goal is to protect and improve environmental quality throughout the Czech Republic. 

Who May Apply for Grants

Almost anyone may apply for assistance with ecological projects. The programme is open to municipalities and towns, public administration and self-government bodies, research and scientific institutes, legal entities, private citizens and non-profit organisations. For an exact listing of subjects, conditions for submitting grant applications and additional detailed information, please see the Implementation Document.

When to Apply for Grants

Your grant application can be only submitted during announced calls for each given area of intervention. Continuously updated preliminary plans for calls and calls currently open are published at www.opzp2007-2013.cz/ in the Available Assistance section.

Amount of Support

Grants can represent as much as 90% of a project's total eligible expenses. All projects are required to have public co-financing. Beneficiaries may draw financial assistance throughout the project's implementation based on unpaid invoices issued to suppliers. Assistance is also provided during the project's preparation and application stages. Projects may be limited by minimum cost levels, depending on the type of project.

How to Proceed if You Are Interested in Obtaining a Grant

For detailed information on obtaining grants, see the OPE Implementation Document, Guide for Applicants, Guideline of the Ministry of the Environment on submitting applications and providing funds, and the Binding Instructions for Applicants. All documents are available at www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

OPE Areas of Intervention Are Divided into Eight Priority Axes

     1. The Improvement of Water Management Infrastructure and Reduction of Flood Risks

To reduce the pollution of ground and underground water, improve the quality and supply of drinking water and reduce flood risks.
1.1 The reduction of water pollution
1.2 Drinking Water Quality Improvement
1.3 The reduction of flood risks

     2. The Improvement of Air Quality and Reduction of Emissions

To improve air quality and reduce emissions with emphasis placed on using new, environmentally friendly ways of energy production and energy savings.
2.1 The improvement of air quality
2.2 The reduction of emissions

     3. The Sustainable Use of Energy Sources

To use energy sources in a sustainable manner and to promote energy savings. To use renewable energy sources for generating electricity and producing heat and to use waste heat more efficiently.
3.1 The construction of new facilities and the modernisation of the existing facilities with the aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources for heat generation, electric energy generation and for combined heat and electric energy generation
3.2 The realisation of energy savings and the use of waste heat in the non-business carrying sector

     4. The Improvement of Waste Management and the Rehabilitation of Old Ecological Burdens

To improve waste management, to reduce waste production and to rehabilitate old ecological burdens.
4.1 The improvement of waste management
4.2 The rehabilitation of old ecological burdens

     5. The Limiting of Industrial Pollution and Environmental Risks

To reduce industrial pollution with emphasis placed on the prevention, research and monitoring of pollutants.
5.1 Limiting industrial pollution

     6. Improving the State of Nature and the Landscape

To eliminate or mitigate the decrease in biodiversity, to protect endangered plant and animal species, to provide ecological stability of the landscape and to form and preserve natural elements in settled areas.
6.1 The implementation and management of the NATURA 2000 network
6.2 Support for biodiversity
6.3 Recovery of landscape features
6.4 Optimisation of the landscape water regime
6.5 Support for the regeneration of urbanised landscape
6.6 The prevention of landslides and rock avalanches, the monitoring of geofactors and the impacts of mining and extraction activities, and the assessment of non-renewable natural sources, including groundwater resources

     7. The Development of Infrastructure for Environmental Education, Consultancy and Awareness

To build a broad network of environmental training centres and information centres focused on environmental protection.
7.1 The development of infrastructure for the implementation of environmental education programmes, the provision of environmental consultancy and environmental information

     8. Technical Assistance

To support the efficient management and monitoring of the implementation of the Operational Programme Environment.

Share of the Individual Priority Axes of the Operational Programme - Environment

More than EUR 5 billion is available in the OPE from European funds for projects aimed at improving the state of the environment in the Czech Republic.


A Guide to Grants under the Operational Programme Environment


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