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Priority Axis 1

Grants from the OPE for Water Management Infrastructure and the Reduction of Flood Risks

nullDo you need to construct or modernise a waste water treatment plant, drainage system or water treatment facility? Resources totalling almost EUR 2 billion are available for these purposes in the Operational Programme Environment from the Cohesion Fund.

The aim is to improve the condition of both surface and underground water, to improve the quality and supply of the population's drinking water, to reduce the amount of hazardous substances in water, and to reduce the risk of floods. 

Who Can Apply for Grants

Municipalities and towns are encouraged to apply for grants. For an exact listing of subjects the conditions for submitting grant applications, and more detailed information, refer to the Implementation Document.

When to Apply for Grants

Your grant application can be submitted only during calls announced for a specific area of intervention. A call for Priority Axis 1 has been planned for the autumn of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. A preliminary updated schedule of calls is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/. However, the schedule is provided for information only and is subject to changes.

Amount of Support

  • Grants from the Cohesion Fund can amount up to 85% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • Grants from the National Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic can amount up to 5% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • Support is pre-conditioned by co-financing from public resources.

Areas of Intervention

  • 1.1 The reduction of water pollution - Almost EUR 1.49 billion have been reserved for this area, representing 74.81% of Priority Axis 1's resources.
  • 1.2 Drinking water quality improvement - Almost EUR 400 million have been reserved for this area, representing 20.15% of Priority Axis 1's resources.
  • 1.3 The reduction of flood risks - Almost EUR 100 million have been reserved for this area, representing 5.04% of Priority Axis 1's resources.

Supported Project Types

Reducing pollution from municipal sources

  • The construction and intensification of waste water treatment plants in agglomerations with a greater than 2 000 population equivalent (PE) and in agglomerations with a lower than 2 000 PE located within specially protected areas.
  • The construction and modernisation of drainage systems to satisfy public needs in agglomerations with a greater than 2 000 PE and in agglomerations with a lower than 2 000 PE located within specially protected areas.

Reducing pollution from industrial sources

  • Technical measures aimed at reducing the discharge volumes of specially hazardous substances from industrial pollution sources.

Reducing eutrophication-causing pollution

  • Biological and technical measures aimed at reducing the eutrophication of surface water, including compiling digital mapping data showing the degree of risk of introducing water eutrophication-causing substances.

Improving drinking water quality

  • The construction and intensification of water treatment facilities and drinking water sources that supply more than 2 000 inhabitants; the construction and modernisation of public drinking water distribution networks needs in communities with more than 2 000 inhabitants and in communities with fewer than 2 000 inhabitants that are located within specially protected areas.

Anti-flood measures

  • The development and modernisation of the forecast system and the watch flood service.
  • Investment support to enhance the mapping data on flood hazards and flood risks with specified outputs at the national and regional levels.
  • The near-natural adaptation of beds located within currently developed areas in communities; the construction of polders.

How to Proceed if You Are Interested in Obtaining a Grant

For detailed information on obtaining grants, see the OPE Implementation Document, the Guide for Applicants, the Guideline of the Ministry of the Environment for submitting applications and providing funds, and in the Binding Instructions for Applicants.
All documents are available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Glossary of Terms

A project's total eligible expenditures - For the exact definition, see the Implementation Document, Chapter 5 - Eligible Expenditures.
Population Equivalent (PE) - Defined by the daily production of material pollution of 60 g BOC5 (biochemical oxygen consumption).
Eutrophication - The process of water enrichment by nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus.
Implementation Document - A binding document providing information on support from the OP E. The document is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/.
Specially protected areas - For the purposes of the OP E, such areas mean national parks and protected landscape areas, including their protective zones, localities within the NATURA 2000 network, protective zones of water sources, protective zones of natural healing sources and sources of natural mineral water, protected areas of water basins, and the Nové Mlýny basin waterworks (the portion of the Dyje River basin above the Nové Mlýny waterworks, the Svratka River basin, the Jihlava River basin, the Oslava River basin, the Jevišovka River basin and the immediate area around Nové Mlýny).



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