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Priority Axis 7

Grants from the OPE for Environmental Education, Consultancy and Awareness

nullDo you want to provide environmental education and enlightenment? Resources totalling more than EUR 42 million from the European Regional Development Fund are available in the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) for such purposes.

The aim of support is to build a general and accessible network of centres for environmental education, consultancy and awareness, information centres and environmental consulting services.  

Who Can Apply for Grants

Municipalities and towns, regions, non-profit organisations, contributory organisations, universities and state organisation units are encouraged to ask for grants. For an exact listing of subjects the conditions for submitting grant applications, and more detailed information, refer to the Implementation Document.

When to Apply for Grants

Your grant application can be submitted only during calls announced for a specific area of intervention. A call for grants for projects concerning environmental training, consulting and education shall be announced in October or November, 2008. A preliminary updated schedule of calls is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Amount of Support

  • Grants from the European Regional Development Fund can amount up to 85% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • Grants from the state budget can amount up to 5% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • Support is pre-conditioned by co-financing from the applicant's own resources amounting to a minimum of 10% of the project's total eligible expenses.
  • A project's minimum amount of eligible expenses has been set at CZK 0.5 million.

Areas of Intervention

  • The development of infrastructure for the implementation of environmental education programmes, the provision of environmental consultancy and environmental information - More than EUR 42 million have been reserved for this area.

Supported Project Types

  • The purchase, construction and modernisation of centres and consulting offices; upon a project's implementation, the buildings must meet low-energy or higher standards regarding the building's energy demands.
  • Technical equipment for centres and consulting offices of an investment nature.
  • The creation of materials and aids of an investment nature.

How to Proceed if You Are Interested in Obtaining a Grant

For detailed information on obtaining grants, see the OPE Implementation Document, the Guide for Applicants, the Guideline of the Ministry of the Environment for submitting applications and providing funds, and in the Binding Instructions for Applicants. All documents are available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Glossary of Terms

A project's total eligible expenditures - For the exact definition, see the Implementation Document, Chapter 5 - Eligible Expenditures.
Implementation Document - A binding document providing information on support from the OPE. The document is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/




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