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Priority Axis 4

Grants from the OPE for Waste Management and the Rehabilitation of Existing Ecological Burdens

nullThe rising volume of waste and its related problems can be resolved by constructing collecting yards, waste sorting facilities, by using the waste or by building composting plants. Resources totalling more than EUR 776 million from the Cohesion Fund are available in the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) for such purposes.

The aim of support is to improve waste management, reduce waste production and rehabilitate existing ecological burdens.

Who Can Apply for Grants

Municipalities, towns and their unions, regions, non-profit organisations, contributory organisations, state enterprises and business-carrying entities are encouraged to apply for grants. For an exact listing of subjects the conditions for submitting grant applications, and more detailed information, refer to the Implementation Document.

When to Apply for Grants

Your grant application can be submitted only during calls announced for a specific area of intervention. A call for Priority Axis 4 has been planned for the early autumn of 2008. A preliminary updated schedule of calls is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Areas of Intervention

  • 4.1 The improvement of waste management - More than EUR 520 million have been reserved for this area, representing 67% of Priority Axis 4's resources.
  • 4.2 The rehabilitation of existing ecological burdens - More than EUR 256 million have been reserved for this area, representing 33% of Priority Axis 4's resources.

Amount of Support

  • Grants from the Cohesion Fund can amount up to 85% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • Grants from the National Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic can amount up to 5% of a project's total eligible expenditures.
  • A project's minimum amount of eligible expenses has been set at CZK 0.5 million, the maximum amount of support for entrepreneurs in the field of improving waste management is CZK 50 mil.

Supported Project Types

Integrated waste management systems

  • Regional systems for the use of bio waste or for the mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste.
  • Special facilities for the use of treated fuel from the regional system for the mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste.

Systems of separated collection, storage and waste management

  • Systems for separating and picking-up waste and separating bio waste.
  • Collecting yards, trans-shipment points and storage sites for municipal waste.
  • Systems to separate hazardous municipal waste and medical waste.

Waste use facilities, especially for waste sorting and recycling

  • Waste separators with linked technologies.
  • Waste treatment facilities (car wrecks, tyres, electrical waste, construction waste).
  • Facilities for the use of medical waste for power engineering.
  • Composting plants and biogas stations for bio waste processing.
  • Facilities for handling hazardous waste (autoclaves, separators, homogenizers, thermic desorption, rectors, biodegradation facilities).

The rehabilitation and removal of dumps

  • Rehabilitating old dumps.
  • The removal of non-permitted dumps in specially protected areas.

The rehabilitation of existing ecological burdens

  • Taking inventory of contaminated and potentially contaminated locations, categorising priorities for selecting the most severely contaminated locations for maintenance.
  • Implementing investigations and risk analyses.
  • Maintaining severely contaminated localities.

How to Proceed if You Are Interested in Obtaining a Grant

For detailed information on obtaining grants, see the OPE Implementation Document, the Guide for Applicants, the Guideline of the Ministry of the Environment for submitting applications and providing funds, and in the Binding Instructions for Applicants.
All documents are available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/

Glossary of Terms

A project's total eligible expenditures - For the exact definition, see the Implementation Document, Chapter 5 - Eligible Expenditures.
Implementation Document - A binding document providing information on support from the OPE. The document is available at http://www.opzp2007-2013.cz/



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